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NVOC Reaction to 2016 Budget re Veterans

The government handed down its first budget a few moments ago and the NATO Veterans Organization of Canada has had the opportunity to assess the governments spending plan.

Clearly there are commitments to addressing long standing shortcomings and a pledge to re-opening service offices.             read more

Our Mission

To speak for modern veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, in order that they receive the support they deserve from their country.

Our Objectives

(To accomplish the mission.)
  1. Advocate to government, particularly through VAC, in order to influence services and programmes for veterans and their dependants.
  2. Educate politicians at all levels, community organizations, and ordinary Canadians on the needs of injured, frail and needy veterans and their dependants.
  3. Maintain liaison, and when possible collaboration, with other veterans’ groups.
  4. Maintain liaison with CAF leadership, to be aware of, and give advice on, conditions of service that may affect future veterans.
  5. Engage veterans in all regions of the country, seeking their input on issues needing attention, and educating them about their rights and benefits.

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If you support our mission and objectives your membership will strengthen our voice and provide financial assistance to carry out our mission..
The only criteria to become a member of NVOC is to have served or are serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, Regular or Reserve Force. There is only one class of member for which dues are $20 per calendar year. You have the option of paying for multiple years.

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Big thank you to Brock Street Brewery for their support for our Unit 7 in Whitby.

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