What is NVOC?

The NATO Veterans Organization of Canada began as an organization for mutual comradery and support for those who had served our country on NATO missions abroad. We have since evolved into a national organization made up exclusively of veterans from all branches of service and encompassing Veterans from all eras. The NATO connection remains in-as-much-as all members of the Canadian Armed Forces may at any time be called on to serve on a NATO mission or find themselves under NATO command.

We play an important role in advocating on behalf of all Veterans.

Our Mission

It’s quite simple and focused: To speak for all veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces in order that they receive the support they deserve from their country. We speak to the government of the day and to the general public in order to:

    • Advocating Veterans issues and concerns to the government, particularly through Veterans’ Affairs Canada, to see the much needed services and programs for Veterans and their dependents are put in place.
    • Educating politicians at every level, community organizations, and the general public on the needs of Veterans and their dependents.
    • Engaging Veterans from across the country, seeking their input on issues requiring attention, and helping in understanding our collective rights and benefits.

Simply put…collectively we have a stronger voice.


Are you currently serving or have you served in the Canadian Armed Forces, Regular or Reserved Force?

Join NVOC today and strengthen our voice and allow us to continue carrying out our organizations crucial mission. 

Membership is only $20 per calendar year.


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