Who We Are -Our Strengths

  • Only Veterans or current serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces (Regular or Reserve) can be members of NVOC.
  • There is only one category of membership – that of a MEMBER.
  • We are incorporated under federal statute.
  • We are governed by our Articles of Incorporation and our By-Laws approved by our members and the incorporating authority.
  • We have an elected Board of Directors who are responsible to our membership in the execution of their duties and our mission.
  • Our executive team and our advisory board are dedicated to seeing real and tangible improvements to the well-being and care of Veterans.
  • We have established a good working relationship with Parliamentarians, Veterans Affairs Canada, the VAC Ombudsman and the Veterans Review Appeal Board, ALL of whom, seek our advice and inputs.
  • We offer only well researched, reasoned, rational and implementable advice.
  • Our members are the foundation of our efforts;  it is through hearing their issues and concerns that we are able to develop our sound approach to engagement. 
  • We maintain a focus on the core issues impacting Veterans.
  • We cooperate with other veterans’ organization so that there are Many voices, but one unified message.


Are you currently serving or have you served in the Canadian Armed Forces, Regular or Reserved Force?

Join NVOC today and strengthen our voice and allow us to continue carrying out our organizations crucial mission.  

Membership is only $20 per calendar year.

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