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On Tuesday our national President Mr Randy StowelI and Ken Richardson our National Treasurer and met with Executives working the “Veterans House” project - Suzanne Le, executive director of Multifaith Housing Initiative, noted that veterans make up somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 vets who have been reduced to living on the street after having given so much of themselves for their country. [The current edition of the Legion magazine describes this project] – and we presented a donation of $1500.00. The donation was approved at the November Board of Directors meeting. We met at the site – the old Rockliffe PMQ patch is long gone – lots of ongoing construction of upscale town homes. Andy Carswell was a WW II RCAF – Canso Pilot and POW. Canada's first residence for homeless vets in Ottawa named in honour of hero pilot. QUOTE “ Veterans' House: the Andy Carswell Building is Canada’s first community house built for homeless veterans. This pioneering project specifically targets the needs of the rising number of homeless veterans who are “living rough” in Ottawa and combines safe housing with essential on-site rehabilitation services. Our vision is to create a unique unit-style community where each of our 40 homeless or at risk veterans will have immediate access to support services from a variety of partner agencies. This supportive “Housing First” model will give our veterans on-site recovery from health, mental health and addiction-related issues. Not only does the supported housing model improve the overall quality of life but it does so in recognition of crucial and unbreakable experience of military bonds that exist for all in the military community from veterans to their families. The Multifaith Housing Initiative has other residential facilities in Ottawa – this Veterans House project is a special effort. They were particularly pleased with support from a Veterans Organization.

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