Media Report 27 March 2020

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Media Report 20 March 2020

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NVOC General Meeting Saturday 21 March 2020 CANCELLED

MESSAGE TO ALL NVOC MEMBERS: This Covid 19 virus situation seems to be accelerating rather worryingly and because most of us are of the age that is considered most vulnerable, the Board of Directors has made a decision to delay the General Meeting. Subject to future events the NVOC General Meeting will be held Saturday, 16 May at 1000hrs. Location Kemptville Legion.  The Meeting is an obligation by our Charter and this meeting was to have a vote by members to (1) confirm the Board of Directors; and (2) End the Flag Project and to return contributions. Announcements of the voting results will be presented at the May Meeting.


The March Board of Directors’ meeting that is scheduled for the 30 is also cancelled.


The NVOC organization does work under rules and procedures that our original members set up for us. We are an organized group of Military Veterans who seek to have a better future that appreciates Canadians who have served in the military – We have a dedicated Board of Directors that does meet monthly – all Ranks and all Services. Our membership is small but we are all veterans – We have both  retired and we have serving members – Men and Women on the Board of Directors.


So What?


NVOC Veterans are a small number within the National veterans community (  less than 650 thousand veterans – perhaps 110 thousand veterans and surviving spouses have a pension?). Most military veterans with less than 12 years service have no recognition for their service.


The ideas of support for RCMP Members being accepted into our Organization has been raised? Something for us all to ponder. The idea of a Medal for Canadians who decide to volunteer to serve in their Nations Military is an ongoing and long standing idea. We support this idea


How does Canada recognize and advocate for veterans? We work on that every day. There are like minded Associations with whom we share efforts – The Legion; ANAVETS; CAVUMP;  Canadian Aboriginal Veterans amongst others.


This email is sent to say that Our General Meeting will be delayed until May -  because of the serious threat from this Virus.


Your opportunity as members to raise your concerns – at the General Meeting or by email or telephone.


Call Me. 613-269-3374 [Home]. The Saint Patrick's Day “Drink of the Day” is the Quarantine – it is a normal Martini but you stay at home and drink alone!




National President

NATO Veterans Organization of Canada


Media Report 13 March 2020

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Redesigning our website with you in mind 

Site Web remanié en fonction de vos besoins

(Le français suit)

Dear Stakeholders and Advisory Group members,

Following the successful redesign of the services content on our website,, I am pleased to inform you that we have done the same for our commemorative content.

The redesigned website follows a human-centered design approach built from user-testing, research, and analysis. It provides Veterans, their families and the general public with clear, user-friendly access to our content.

There are a couple of key differences about the redesigned website. The first is the language we use. Information is now easier to read and understand for users of all ages. We have also changed the format and layout to reflect the Department’s new look and feel. This means it’s more visually appealing with consistent flow from one page to the next and has a stronger focus on what the user is looking for. One of the key things we heard during testing is that visitors wanted to read more about those who served. We will make sure these stories are told.

I encourage you to explore the new website and to promote and share it within your organization and/or networks. Check out the Department’s social media channels for more information and posts to share.


The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay

Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence



Cher(e)s intervenant(e)s et membres des groupes consultatif,

Après le remaniement réussi du contenu de la section sur les services de notre site Web,, je suis heureux de vous annoncer que nous avons également remanié le contenu de notre section sur la commémoration.

Notre site Web a été remanié en suivant une approche de conception centrée sur l’humain et fondée sur des essais auprès des utilisateurs, des recherches et des analyses, de manière à offrir aux vétérans, à leur famille et au grand public un accès clair et convivial à notre contenu.

Il y a quelques différences importantes entre l’ancien site Web et le site remanié. La première différence touche le langage que nous utilisons. L’information est maintenant plus facile à comprendre pour les utilisateurs de tous âges. De plus, le format et la disposition ont été modifiés afin de tenir compte de la nouvelle présentation du Ministère. Le passage d’une page à l’autre est donc plus facile et le contenu porte davantage sur l’information recherchée par l’utilisateur. L’un des principaux commentaires que nous avons reçus dans le cadre de nos essais auprès des utilisateurs est que ceux‑ci souhaitent en apprendre davantage sur les personnes qui ont servi. Nous nous sommes donc engagés à faire en sorte que leurs récits soient racontés.

Je vous invite à explorer le nouveau site Web et à le promouvoir au sein de votre organisation et de vos réseaux. Consultez les médias sociaux du Ministère pour obtenir d’autres renseignements et des publications à partager.



L’honorable Lawrence MacAulay

Ministre des Anciens Combattants et ministre associé de la Défense nationale

Research Participant Recruitment

Dr. Eric Li and his research team is currently conducting semi-directed interviews with survivors of Veterans to the financial well-being of survivors who married or entered into a common-law relationship with a Veteran who was aged over 60. These interviews are designed to address specific questions while allowing the participants to provide additional information and perspectives voluntarily. In this stage of the research study, we seek to explore the social condition of Veterans and survivors of Veterans from multiple viewpoints. This project is funded by the Canadian Institute for Military Veteran Health Research.

The research team appreciates your help to reach out to different Military Veteran groups/associations for recruiting participants. Please pass on the recruitment materials attached to this email to qualified individuals. By agreeing to pass on the recruitment materials to qualified individuals, you understand that you are not responsible for any further action. Please direct all questions or concerns to the researcher. Please do not send the individuals’ names to the research team directly in order to protect participants' privacy.

The qualified individuals must directly contact the UBC researcher to set up the interview. The UBC research team will coordinate the interview schedule. Since participants will be recruited across the country, the researcher will let the participants choose whether they would prefer an interview over the phone or a face-to-face interview.

Research Team


Principal Investigator: Dr. Eric Li, Associate Professor, Faculty of Management, UBC-Okanagan. Contact information: (+1) 250-807-8853 (office) and (email)


Co-Investigators: Dr. Keith Culver, Professor, Faculty of Management

Mr. Patrick Gall, Research Network Facilitator, UBC STAR Survive & Thrive Applied

Research, Ms. Dilsora Komil-Burley, Ph.D. Candidate, Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies

Ms. Ariele Parker, Masters Student, Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies, UBC-Okanagan


Further Questions

Dilsora Komil-Burley. Ph.D. candidate, UBC Okanagan


Tel: 250-899-6804

Alternatively, if you have any concerns or complaints about your rights as a research participant and/or your experiences while participating in this study, contact the Research Participation Complaint Line in the UBC Office of Research Services toll free at 1-877-822-8598 or the UBC Okanagan Research Services Office at 250-807-8832. It is also possible to contact the Research Complaint Line by email ( and reference the study number (H19-03955) when contacting the Complaint Line so the staff can better assist you.


Research Team

Media Report 6 March 2020

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Media Report 28 Feb 2020

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Proposal for Canadian Military Volunteer Service Medal, (CMVSM)


Veterans Deserve Govt Recognition (1) OP-ED by LGen (Ret'd) Louis W. F. Cuppens.pdf

Tiny homes in Calgary provide transition space for Veterans

Tiny Houses in Calgary.pdf

Media Report 21 Feb 2020

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Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence Mandate Letter

Presidents Message

 There are several new concepts that should be highlighted.  

  • Build new, purpose-built accessible and affordable housing units, with a full range of health, social and employment supports for Veterans who need extra help. NVOC Presidents comment: this gives the Department opportunities to get into the “bricks and mortar” construction which has not been possible previously. Homeless veterans [ 3000 to 5000 estimated] need a place to live off the streets.;

  • Deliver a higher standard of service and care, and ensure that a “one Veteran, one standard” approach is upheld. NVOC Presidents comment: We have long advocated for the one veteran standard.

Mandate Letter Dec 2019.pdf

Media Report 14 Feb 2020

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Media Report 07 Feb 2020

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Media Report 31 Jan 2020

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Media Report 24 January 2020

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Media Report 17 Jan 2020

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On Tuesday our national President Mr Randy StowelI and Ken Richardson our National Treasurer and met with Executives working the “Veterans House” project - Suzanne Le, executive director of Multifaith Housing Initiative, noted that veterans make up somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 vets who have been reduced to living on the street after having given so much of themselves for their country. [The current edition of the Legion magazine describes this project] – and we presented a donation of $1500.00. The donation was approved at the November Board of Directors meeting. We met at the site – the old Rockliffe PMQ patch is long gone – lots of ongoing construction of upscale town homes. Andy Carswell was a WW II RCAF – Canso Pilot and POW. Canada's first residence for homeless vets in Ottawa named in honour of hero pilot. QUOTE “ Veterans' House: the Andy Carswell Building is Canada’s first community house built for homeless veterans. This pioneering project specifically targets the needs of the rising number of homeless veterans who are “living rough” in Ottawa and combines safe housing with essential on-site rehabilitation services. Our vision is to create a unique unit-style community where each of our 40 homeless or at risk veterans will have immediate access to support services from a variety of partner agencies. This supportive “Housing First” model will give our veterans on-site recovery from health, mental health and addiction-related issues. Not only does the supported housing model improve the overall quality of life but it does so in recognition of crucial and unbreakable experience of military bonds that exist for all in the military community from veterans to their families. The Multifaith Housing Initiative has other residential facilities in Ottawa – this Veterans House project is a special effort. They were particularly pleased with support from a Veterans Organization.

Media Report 10 Jan 2020

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Media Report 3 Jan 2020

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